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PubG Zombie Mode Apk: Download PubG 0.11.0 which has a zombie and new gun.

Note: Make Sure You Have At least 4GB of Space Left in your internal phone memory to Install Pubg zombie apk without any issue.

How to Download Pubg Zombie Mode Apk

  • Visit This Download Link
  • Choose Android Or IOS.
  • You, Will, Get A Apk Download File.
  • Install It Manually, and Start Playing It.

About PubG Zombie Apk 0.11.0

  • Zombie is now everywhere (Event Section Play)
  • 1 New Gun.
  • 1 New Knife
  • 1 New Fire Flare which can burn your enemies and zombies.

Trick to kill Small Zombie Easily

  • Shoot on “HEAD” of zombie.
  • Small Zombies gets killed by only 4 bullets.
  • Never Stay near Big Zombie (Like in image mentioned above)